About DinnerAndFlowers.com

Carly QuinlanDinnerAndFlowers.com came to light when I had my son 8 years ago. I realized the importance of a home cooked meal when I developed a severe kidney infection after having my son. Not only was I thankful I had a meal for my family, but more thankful I didn't have to cook it. Family members would bring us lasagna, chicken pot pie and of course desserts like brownies and cookies. Pizza gets boring, and I wasn't looking to fill my body with fast food. I wanted something nutritious for myself and my family.

The gift of a meal is so much more than a bouquet of flowers. Don't get me wrong - flowers are beautiful, but you can't eat them!

My father and I put our heads together and came up with the idea of providing comfort food meals right to the door!

DinnerAndFlowers.com is here for your celebrations, thank you's, congratulations and we are also here for you during your time of need. Let us help by taking the worry away of what's for dinner. We know the importance of a meal and want to show you the importance of it too.

- Carly Trerise: Owner of DinnerAndFlowers.com